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Community Brewing Ventures (CBV) is a disruptive model aimed at helping small and medium size breweries overcome the hurdles and challenges of growing in a highly competitive market. While certain other models focus on total acquisition, CBV was designed to give breweries the advantages of scale while still preserving the independence, creativity, innovativeness, and passion that makes the industry so special in the first place.


What is Community Brewing Ventures (CBV)?

We created CBV to discover, produce, and promote the most innovative craft brands in the beverage industry. We do this by amplifying the hard work of passionate craft brewers around the nation through our innovative Brewery Accelerator.

What is a Brewery Accelerator?

We help small breweries continue doing what they do best: make great beer. We amplify their recipes, ideas, and brand to help them reach the wider audience that they deserve. We do this by closely partnering with each brewery to scale recipes, increase production, and establish distribution within CBVs partner network. By helping to bridge the gap between local distribution and the wider beer market, these breweries are able to stay small and go big at the same time!

Does CBV make more than beer?

Yes! The same Craft spirit that makes the beer industry so incredible can be found in all aspects of the beverage industry. Whether it’s kombucha, seltzer, hard coffee, or the cutting edge of new beverage innovations, CBV’s model can and does work for it all.

Where are CBV’s beverages made?

CBV has a research and development brewery in Newton, North Carolina, where all of the beers that we produce get their start. This allows us to make sure that what we are brewing tastes exactly the same as it did coming from the brewery that innovated it. We then work with trusted contract brewing partners from across the country to grow and to meet the demand of beer drinkers everywhere.

Where does CBV distribute?

CBV’s brands can currently be found wherever fine craft beverages are sold in the following states: CO, DC, FL, GA, LA, MD, NC, NJ, OH, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA

Are CBV’s brands independent?

We value independent craft breweries because we started as one! While our original D9 brand is wholly-owned by CBV, most of the brands that we work with are 100% independent craft breweries and beverage companies. We appreciate that true innovation and creativity don’t come from big conglomerates, but from passionate entrepreneurs and artists who are making what they love. We focus on keeping the “craft” in craft beer, and on helping to amplify the amazing things our partner brands are doing every day in their own taprooms and local markets.

Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more about the importance of Craft Beverages, and why we believe that independence is important for our customers and partners alike, please contact us at a.gore@communitybrewingventures.com

I own a brewery and want to know more about CBV. Who should I talk to?

To learn more about CBV and how we can help your business reach its full potential, send an email to a.gore@communitybrewingventures.com to speak with Aaron MJ Gore, our Director of Strategic Partnerships.

I’m a retailer / wholesaler and I would like to carry CBV’s Craft Beverages at my business. How can I learn more?

For more information on joining our network of trusted wholesale partners, or on carrying our products at your retail location, send an email to devin@communitybrewingventures.com to speak with Devin Gregory, our Director of Sales.